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1 answer

Rename the 'Blatantly off-topic' close reason

I noticed a community-specific close reason was created and called 'Blatantly off-topic.' However, for users without the close votes privilege, the 'Other' close reason is renamed to 'Blatantly off-...
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14 votes
1 answer

Missing the obvious close reason: "not about programming language design or implementation"

In private beta, before we had our own community-specific close reasons, the "vote-to-close" dialogue had a generic close reason for off-topic questions, which read something like "This ...
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15 votes
1 answer

A community-specific close reason for unfocused language design questions

We currently do not have any community-specific close reasons. Broadly speaking, I don’t think this is necessarily a problem—community-specific close reasons should be created intentionally and ...
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Should frivolous questions about esolangs be on topic?

Looking at Could a programming language work where variables are only differentiated by fonts? It seems somewhat frivolous and likely to invites a family of similarly frivolous questions like "...
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3 votes
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Reopen review dialog asks me to chose a site-specific reason, but none appear

In the reopen queue, I attempted to vote to keep it closed, and I selected the last option -- "This question doesn't meet a Programming Language Design and Implementation Stack Exchange guideline....
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7 votes
3 answers

What should the community-specific close reasons be?

Many communities have their own list of community-specific closure reasons. For example on Stack Overflow they are: Not about programming or software development Seeking recommendations for books, ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Should PLDI accommodate some types of philosophical (opinion-based) questions?

I just saw this question. It's actually quite a good question in terms of relating to on-topic questions (being about implementation of error messages) and it has 2 answers, both of which are good-...
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