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Questions tagged [rules]

Use this tag for questions about the rules and policies for Programming Language Design and Implementation.

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2 votes
1 answer

Should we have a "comments are not for chat" rule?

This is inspired by a recent answer that attracted a lot of comments. I'm not accusing anyone of doing anything wrong; it was a good on-topic discussion. However, many SE sites have a rule to limit ...
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1 answer

Shall "One of our goals is make information easier to understand" be added to the Code of Conduct and/or the Website Rules?

It seems like the stack exchange site language design and language implementation was created so that people could: learn about how programming languages are designed or implemented. teach about how ...
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2 votes
7 answers

Policy on multiple answers by the same user

Given that we have quite a few questions asking for possible approaches (e.g. "how to implement", "what syntax options", ...) or considerations (i.e. "advantages and ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Should we ban AI-generated answers?

Note: I haven't seen any instances of this, nor do I think it is currently an issue, but I do feel it is worth considering, especially if this site goes public I'm proposing that answers created using ...
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